Thursday, January 6, 2011

American Woman!

One of my favorite 70s rock-n-roll songs is American Woman by The Guess Who:

I know, I know, the song American Woman has nothing t'all do with fashion but as the American Woman is our theme for the next few posts on the RARE blog I thought why not.   Our American Woman is a little bit sex, a little bit rock-n-roll and a little bit Ali MacGraw.  Ali MacGraw means Steve McQueen which means:  "Oh.  My.  God."  (so said Ali MacGraw and so do I!)

Steve McQueen.  OMG.

Calvin Klein said, "Ali MacGraw exemplified this great American style".  She was a Wellseley educated girl who as a teenager checked out Nijinsky's biography 16 times out of the Pound Ridge library!  She had a bohemian glamour that made everyone from Diana Vreeland to Steve MacQueen fall in love with her.  Okay, indulge me while I post just one more photo of Steve McQueen...

Steve McQueen in LIFE magazine 1963.  Damn!

Gustave Tassell was, oh who cares!  Let's just look at Steve McQueen one more time:

I have the same Le Mans jacket that I bought more then a few years ago at the Historical Grand Prix in Monaco.  Good times.  And my favorite jacket.

Anyhoo!  Gustave Tassell!  An American designer.  A fitted 1960s coat in cream with gold and silver metallic thread.  Glamorous.  Sexy.  Sixties.  

With flecks of red...

1960s Tassell fitted coat.  Size 4.


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