Friday, June 10, 2011

The Dream: Donald Brooks

Please don't tell my husband but I am a very good client of RARE vintage.  I try not to be but I can't help myself.  So when this Donald Brooks dress came in our door, I tried to tell myself, NO! you do not need to try it on because this is exactly what would happen: 

Cue dream sequence music...

Scene One:

Juliana sees a 1970s Donald Brooks dress in brown tulle with white beading.  It is an haute boho moment and her heart starts beating.  Hard.  Butterflies flutter around her and little blue birds circle over head carrying little rainbow colored hearts (remember this is a boho moment and butterflies and birdies are a boho must).   

Scene Two:  

Juliana tries on said Donald Brooks dress and immediately decides she has to have it.  The little devil on her shoulder says, it was made for you.  Just you.

The little angel on Juliana's shoulder says, but what about your clients?  You can't keep all of the best pieces for yourself...

Scene Three:

The little devil wins.  Juliana runs out of RARE vintage wearing the Donald Brooks dress and Patricia (who basically runs the store while Juliana is out and about shopping closets) chases after her, telling her she needs to pay for the dress.

Whew!   That is exactly what would happen.  So I did not try it on.  As much as I wanted to.  A beautiful haute bohemian brown tulle dress with intricate white beading from the 1970s by Donald Brooks for you from RARE vintage. 

 1970s Donald Brooks dress


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