Friday, July 8, 2011

Pigs Fly! The Cows Have Come Home and This Is The Day!

I was shocked I tell you!  Shocked!  When I turned on my computer and saw on Style.Com: Alaia.  Azzedine Alaia.  It seemed like everyone (but Vogue) was writing about Alaia.  Cathy Horyn has been a wonderful supporter of Alaia and I have always turned to her blog, On the Runway,  to read a review of what he has shown and catch a glimpse or two of what he is doing.  But there on was a listing of designers and amid the designers was the name Azzedine Alaia for the Fall 2011 Couture shows.  I thought I would only see this day when pigs fly or when the cows come home, in other words, that will be the day.

And the day arrived with coats with fitted bodices and full skirts, zippered pencil skirts, tufts of fur and a lacquered looking crocodile and most amazing  of all: a semi sheer evening gown, snug to the  waist but which appeared to have panniers sprouting from the waist for a full regal effect.  All in the colors from an Egon Schiele painting.

Azzedine Alaia.  Fall 2011 Couture.  Photo from

The track was Je Suis Snob by Josephine Baker.  Here is the version by Serge Gainsbourg:

Aren't you glad the couture chickens have come home to roost?!    And what did the master couturier serve for a small select group after the show?  Roasted chicken in the kitchen.  


  1. Yes! I saw the same and the gods be praised-Pigs can sprout wings and dresses can still be otherworldly-all equally so. PGT

  2. Little Augury how right you are! By the way, I am a devoted fan of your blog, Little Augury, and all of its great stories, large and small. Each one is a delight, each one unexpected, each one a lesson and each from a supremely edited eye. You always leave me craving more!



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