Thursday, September 15, 2011

Red Valentino Couture. Part Two.

Party season and Awards Season is here.  Already at RARE vintage stylists have been in looking for dresses for the Emmys and I have even heard the GG words already (the Golden Globes which don't even happen until January 2012).  But since I am already keeping an eye out for my next dress for the met Gala which does not even happen until May 2012, I completely understand ☺ After all, who does not want The Best dress.  

Vintage Valentino Couture dresses  are rarely available because they are so timeless, no one ever wants to let them go and those are not even the red vintage Valentino Couture dresses.  Valentino Red dresses are like having a piece of the Valentino archive in your closet and they are never available.  And since Mr. Valentino retired, well, that yacht has sailed off into the Capri sunset...

Yesterday I posted an early red silk Valentino gown that would be perfect for Cannes 2012 (early worm catches the best couture!) and this glamorous one shoulder would be perfect for a holiday party this season.

It is beautifully made with a boned corset, a draped and defined one shoulder, a fitted and waist and a Goddess detailing with a draped panel across the hips inspired by Goddess gowns.

Circa 1980 Valentino Couture Red One Shoulder gown.  Size 4/6

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