Friday, September 23, 2011

Va Va Vroom! Prada Spring 2012

Ladies start your engines and get that credit card revved up for the Spring 2012 Prada Collection!  It has to be one of the best shows that I have seen in awhile.  It is wearable, whimsical, gorgeous and basically I want just about everything.  Literally.  Everything!  And luckily for me, my husband being Italian, is obsessed with cars and car racing so the "donna e motori" (women and cars) theme of Miuccia Prada's sweet and wonderful Spring Collection should be just the thing he will love seeing me in.  And he will be seeing lots of it!  Just take a look:

Hello Gorgeous!  (The clothes silly, not the girl:)

"I tried to do a sweet collection.  That word is such a taboo.  Why do women have to be so aggressive?" said Miuccia Prada of the collection.  And I agree.  I do not know if it is because of shows like 'The Real Housewives...' but there are some scary aggressive women out there.  Women can be powerful and sweet. My Mamma taught me to be kind to everyone.  

Looks like a pair of earrings that you might find in your grandmothers jewelry box from the Fifties only the roses are pea green.

The skirt!  The shoes!  Ka-ching!

How long do I have to wait before buying this dress?  Oh, Agony!

Mamma mia!  Che fantastico!!

And guipure lace

I have written before that because I own a vintage store, I always shop with a thought on whether a new piece is a good investment, will it be timeless, etc...  this collection is a keeper.

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