Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Roberto Capucci: Art into Fashion at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and RARE vintage

Opening next week is the highly anticipated Roberto Capucci: Art into Fashion exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  It will be wonderful to see the work of a designer who took risks, thought outside the expected dress form and transformed the body into something fresh and beautiful.

I am very excited to be able offer this extremely rare, museum quality collection of 1970s Roberto Capucci.

A Roman candle.  "Blazing with spectacular ideas.  He borrowed from no one.  Not Paris, not the jazz age, not even his own collection of last year." Nan Robertson 1956

Extraordinary 1970s yellow to green ombre silk ribbon and chiffon gown.

"A study in form" is how Capucci describes his work.  He creates a dress once and never looks back.  He is inspired by art, architecture, the Roman Baroque and nature. 

Silver silk and black velvet Capucci ensemble.  

"The act of creation is an assault- of art, beauty, color, emotion, music, nature and poetry."

1970s cream, beige and black Roberto Capucci gabardine dress.  Roma label.

"Dressing is a ritual, a piece of magic."

1970s silk Roberto Capucci Dress.  Roma Paris Label.   Size 4.

A "Cappuccine" is a devoted client of Capucci.  Silvana Magnano a "Cappuccine" in Capucci.  1970

Smokin'!  Princess Maria Pia di Savoia and Capucci in his atelier.

Roberto Capucci Art Into Fashion at the Philadelphia Museum of Art March 16, 2011 - June 5, 2011

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