Monday, November 21, 2011

One For You, One For Me

So if you shop at RARE vintage often enough and you get to know me, you know that sometimes, on the not so rare occasion:) some of the things I buy for the store never make it into the store because somehow they end up in my closet.  It can be really weird.  Like the time I found a 1970s YSL silk moon and stars blouse in my closet.  I swear I did not put it there!  But there it was and I said to this YSL blouse, "why my little amour fou, what are you doing here?  You should be at RARE vintage waiting for someone fabulous to buy you and bring you home."  So like the dutiful vintage store owner I brought my little amour fou, the YSL blouse, back to the store and hung it with care and do you know what happened?  I went home and opened my closet to hang up my Alexander McQueen black Victorian jacket and change into a pair of Chinese pajamas but who do I see?  The YSL blouse.  But this is incroyable I say!  "Little amour fou, you should not be here! How can I run a business if all of the beautiful babies I buy for RARE vintage end up in my closet?"  But the little amour fou YSL blouse looked so happy, so comfortable in my closet, I had to say, "ca va.  But just this one blouse.  Just this one time."  

Cut to four years later:  Little amour fou, the YSL blouse, has been joined by countless others little birds who refuse to leave the nest.  What is a vintage mother to do?!

One for you, one for me!  On this happy occasion, a Christian Lacroix for Pucci silk purse with a woven leather and metal mesh handle, an incredible jeweled chain metal tassel, big enough to fit a comfortable assortment of things for the evening, and even with a little silk and leather change purse attached to the interior by a strap, found its way into my closet.  And even while I was looking at it with regret thinking it really should go to the store, it said to me, Madame (you know Italian vintage is very polite) there are two of us: one for you and one for the store.  

So this is the story of how two amazing Christian Lacroix bags from Lacroix's very short tenure at Pucci and thus very rare came to me and to RARE vintage.  

A Cristian Lacroix for the house of Pucci silk purse.  Circa 2003. 
Only available at RARE vintage NYC.


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