Friday, December 30, 2011

Friday Favorites!

For the girl who has everything (not me) or almost everything (still not me) or just wants a little something (me)  a glossy black Chanel eye lash curler.  Why?  Why you might ask would anyone need a Chanel eye lash curler??  I dunno really - I have a perfectly wonderful Shu Umeura eye lash curler which is perfectly amazing but one day when I was in the Chanel store on 57th Street and I saw this crazy little 'precision eyelash curler', I could not resist.  It is purely totally ridiculous - as all frivolous things in our lives should be.  My Friday Favorite!!  

For more Friday Favorites, stay tuned until, well, next Friday!

Chanel eye lash curler available at Chanel.

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