Friday, December 9, 2011

Santa Baby!

Have you been a good girl?  I think I have been a good girl, so maybe someone will slip a little Chanel under the tree for me.  I might even be my very own Mrs. Santa Claus and slip myself a little something by Chanel.  I do have my eye on something at RARE vintage... but don't worry there are three of them so there will still be two available ; )  I will show you tomorrow.  Very Marie Antoinette via Chanel.

I LOVE these Chanel bracelets from the late 1980s.   I love the classic leather woven chain bracelets and I especially love the colors - so perfect for resort.  So perfect with jeans and a tank top.  So perfect for a bit of glamorous edge to just about any outfit.  That is also what I love about the Chanel chain pieces: a nice little Catholic girl like Coco Chanel put a touch of S & M naughtiness into her jewelry and bags.  Always a lady but never a boring lady.

Now let me tell you about the large chain cuffs woven with silk velvet ribbon.  The ribbon is an antique ribbon and these were only made for the runway show.  So they are very rare and special.  And very RARE vintage don't you think?!  Makes me think of The Pretenders, Brass in Pocket.
Cause I'm going to make you see - there's nobody else here
No one like me.
I'm special, so special.  The Pretenders
So enjoy a little music while you ponder these Chanel beauties and remember Chanel sells very quickly so don't ponder too long.  


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