Wednesday, February 8, 2012

5 Years 5 Gifts Vintage Contest Winner

Can I just say, wouldn't it be wonderful if we all had a Grandmother who would give us a 1920s compact from Cartier?!  Grazie per la bella storia!  A winning entry from Italy:

"I'm a follower from Italy. I love your blog and your gorgeous vintage pieces and I'd like to thank you for the beautiful contest you've made for your blog anniversary (HAPPY ANNIVERSARY then!! )

I'd like to share this story about this little treasure that my grandma gave to me.

She was a beautiful woman and she was very fond of theater and italian literature and poems. She was very special, a brilliant mind, acute observer and a very couragious person.  

I had few time to share with her but it was one of the best of my life because she was able to open up my mind and let me appreciate every little detail was surrounding me. 

She gave me many precious objects, this one is my favourite, a tiny compact (evening minaudiere) in 18k yellow gold and enamels, it's from the twenties and comes from Cartier store in Paris.

I keep it in a little drawer with a white lace handkerchief and a b/w photo of her and when I open this drawer i see her face smiling at me and I remember the precise moment she gave me the compact and how funny she was explaining me how to accept a date.... 


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