Saturday, March 10, 2012

On Coats in Paris

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Are you still wearing your  coat with your arms in the sleeves??  That is, like, so last year.  Just take a look at the ladies in Paris for the shows



now I have this Celine leather jacket too and I think she is choosing to wear it like this because the sleeves are cut so narrow, you feel rather like a stuffed sausage in it.  But that said, it is the coolest, most perfect leather jacket and everyone loves it.  Sometimes we must suffer for our fashion.  Or we can just wear it like this

you see another one!

all photos by Tommy Ton on


  1. evinces self-importance, i am in a hurry, busy lady with a grand schedule, effortless and still chic.

  2. Wow, cool jackets!!! I love my leather jacket very tight but I never thought of this method!! Curious to see if I see this in LA.



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