Friday, June 22, 2012

Love Yves

It was just announced that the YSL company will be abandoning the name Yves Saint Laurent for Saint Laurent Paris.  And my first reaction was why loose the Y?  The Y is bigger then the man Yves and Saint Laurent is also bigger then the man Yves.  But then I read that it is a return to the early days of Saint Laurent rive gauche and I felt a little better.  But I do think YSL is forever...

and Jackie Kennedy in one of my all time favorite looks... Y?  It is YSL!!  And she said it loud and she said it proud!  One of the early YSL logo branded pieces.  Too too fabulous!

to be continued...


  1. Perhaps, I am missing a part of the story? Didn't they state that they would keep the YSL insignia while going back to the original 1966 Rive Gauche branding? Everyone seems to be up in arms. I dont know, going back to it's original branding is fine with me. I actually think it's a good move...but, I may be missing a part of the news.

  2. I remember reading somewhere that Pierre Berge said that when the YSL logo was designed by Cassandre the S looked like a dollar sign and he thought it mean
    good luck. And you can't have that dollar sign without the Y.

    I fear, I worry, that it is an attempt to move away from Yves Saint Laurent and make it more generic - like Judith Leiber becoming simply Leiber.

    We will see. I think people will always want a bit of Yves in their Saint Laurent.

  3. Ah...I see. I agree, I wouldn't want that to become of Yves saint Laurent at all. I have hope for Hedi but I am cautious.The latter days of Pilati didn't impress me at all and I haven't purchased Saint Laurent in years.Saint Laurent is certainly sacred to me. Now,I had no idea that the YSL logo was designed by Cassandre! great info. You have a seriously impressive selection and I appreciate your input.



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