Saturday, September 29, 2012

Tally-ho! Best of London

Tally-ho! is what I thought when I saw the some of the shows from London Fashion Week - as in, I will be tallying up all of the charges that will be coming through on my credit card in February when the Spring collections start to land in the stores.  

From Frankenweenie to Frankenstein.  

So, my children are desperately waiting for Tim Burton's Frankenweenie to open on October 5th.  

I am instead desperately waiting for Christopher Kane's Frankenstein tee to preorder on Moda Operandi.

Eye Opener: Philip Treacy

Giving us what we never knew we wanted but now that we have seen it, we must have it: Philip Treacy:

Peter Pilotto, Pattern and Prettiness

And because I am ready to embrace volume and pattern

just a few (thousand dollars.  more to spend coming soon - it is Paris Fashion Week after all!)

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