Thursday, November 26, 2009

Giving Thanks: Enter to Win... a vintage Chanel Bag

We were thinking about what an incredible business we have been able to build in only three short years and how truly grateful we are for all of the vintage pieces that we have been entrusted with whether temporarily or long term.  We are also grateful for the wonderful clients that we have met and those that we have not yet met but have corresponded with by email and through our blog.  We are also grateful and appreciate all of the people from really every country in the world that enjoy reading the blog. 

I am very happy to share the pieces I find for RARE vintage with everyone and I was trying to think of a way to show my thanks.  I know that there are people who enjoy the blog and perhaps are not quite ready to purchase something from us and I know that people who do buy from us may enjoy the opportunity to receive something for, well, free.  So starting today  (I am not sure how long we will do this) you can Enter to Win... a vintage piece.  And not just any vintage piece - this month's prize is a classic leather Chanel bag!  The Enter to Win... ends on Monday December 21st at 12 Noon - we would love to try and get this to the lucky winner by Christmas if possible.   

This is our first enter to win and we are starting it a little early because it is Thanksgiving.  But going forward, Enter to Win... will begin on the first of the month and end on the fourth Monday of the month at Noon.  

You can Enter to Win by emailing: or by becoming a fan on Facebook  you will automatically be entered every month as long as we are doing Enter to Win...  Good luck, have fun and thank you everyone!

Enter to Win... a vintage classic white leather Chanel bag with gilt CCs and chain strap woven with leather.


  1. OMG! Seriously this is possibly the best prize ever!! xx

  2. I agree with Pearl- that is the most amazing prize!! :)

    Florrie x

  3. I ALWAYS agree with Pearl ; ) (we seem to be psychically connected).

    & I never enter contests cause I never win (& usually they're not for the UK) but I love this bag. Have become a fan, and also here's my email address:

    many thanks, jill @

  4. Fantastic Chanel Bag, yummy blog and what a delightful different sort of prize to the usual.
    Hope you are having a delish saturday.

  5. This is the most fantastic giveaway I have ever seen! I just became a Facebook fan (Malin B) and I will definitely stop by the boutique on 57th as well! xoxox



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