Friday, October 5, 2012

My Heart Goes Boom Boom Boom. Paris Fashion Week. Part Two. Alexander McQueen.

I think there is no doubt that one of the strongest shows for Spring 2013, was Sarah Burton's collection for Alexander McQueen.  It was brilliant, beautiful and bold.  Maybe Sarah Burton had nesting on the mind as she is pregnant with twins, but her nest of bees collection really solidified her position as the right person to take over and carry the mantle of Alexander McQueen and do it with grace, creativity, beauty and with a wild and unfettered imagination.  I think McQueen would be proud.

Clothing is really about falling in love.  A mad, passionate affair that makes you want to whip about your credit card and go shopping - or at least dream about going shopping.  And this collection was full of dreams...

Did you know that you would desperately desire a wasp-waist jacket in a small gold honeycomb pattern?  No?  Nor did I. But there it is.  Sarah Burton has given us what we did not even know that we wanted.  But want it we do!

Worn with dark amber belts with jeweled bumble bees

Wouldn't you love to find the perfect place to wear this entire outfit??!

Beautiful.  So many things here you could take apart and wear many different ways.

Victorian, panniered sexiness.

Dark amber resin corset with a honeycombed textured dress. 

Shoes with heels filled with rattling, gold crystals

Do you see how crazy gorgeous the details are?!  How astounding the craftsmanship is?!

And a baroque Marie Antoinette busy as a bee in her gilded and caged garden...

Golden honey colored fabric

The show closed with The Archies Sugar, Sugar.  Sarah Burton is our candy girl and has gotten us wanting her!


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