Monday, December 31, 2012

Party Like Its 1965

Tonight I have a date with Marcello

Photo by John Phillips and available here

He smokes but so what?!  It's Marcello Mastroiani people!

I am doing my make up

Dressed in my slip

My chic little black dress by Gigliola Curiel is waiting undone on a chair

This is the look I give Marcello when he comes in unannounced into my bedroom

"Ma Marcello, tesoro, aspetta..." I say.  "Il mio vestito..."


As you can see, I have a very active imagination : )  but that is the fun and the fantasy of fashion.  By simply donning a little black dress by the Milanese designer, Gigliola Curiel from circa 1965, you can be transported to a time where Marcello M could have been your date and you could have looked like Sophia Loren.  Dream a little dream...

Circa 1965 Gigliola Curiel little black dress beautifully made with a corseted bodice, weighted hem and hand finished details.  In the mid 1960s Gigliola Curiel entered into an exclusive agreement with Bergdorf Goodman bring her brand of Milanese Alta Moda to New York.  Size 4.

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