Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Best Dressed at the 2013 Golden Globes

My vote for best dressed at the Golden Globes is...

No, not whats her face, but Daniel Craig.  I know the sunglasses were controversial but its the Golden Globes, people drink while accepting awards, its more fun then the Academy Awards so why not sunglasses on the red carpet?  I love the LV suit: simple, clean, perfect.  Perfect pocket square - because it was not too perfect.  

And he is a gentleman too:

And actually I did love Rachel Weisz's daring and sweet at the same time Louis Vuitton dress and of course that amazing Bulgari diamond snake bracelet.  Although the only accessory she really needed was her date : )

But all of the nude dresses, the dreaded mermaid gowns - it was more of a let down then a dreamy escape into a lala land of glamour and gorgeousness.  I applaud Lucy Liu for throwing caution to the wind and tearing down some heavy silk, floral curtains from Carolina Herrera's country house and turning them into a big ol' floral ball gown that would have done Miss Scarlett O'Hara proud.  I personally did not love it but at least it was unexpected and she obviously decided, to hell with the criticism, she was was going to wear what she damn well felt like wearing.  And I found that rather refreshing.

The only real stand outs for me were Julanne Moore looking like a movie star in black and white Tom Ford with another Bulgari snake bracelet

Kerry Washington in a nude but unusual Miu Miu dress.  Really pretty. Really glamorous.  Really youthful.

Marion Cotillard was super chic in neon orange velvet Raf Simons for Dior haute couture

and Nicole Kidman in Alexander McQueen

and last but not least, thank God for Helena Bonham Carter

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