Saturday, May 4, 2013

What the Punk?!

What does one wear to this year's Met gala?  Vintage Gianni Versace seems an obvious choice.  Our uber stylish client, Giovanna Battaglia, rocked a leather Versace couture bondage bra she bought at RARE vintage awhile back and made it look very punk chaos to couture at Cannes:

But I wonder if we are going to see a lot of vintage Versace at the gala?  Hmmm... so do you break open a box of safety pins and DIY a dress like Franco Moschino did back in the 1980s?

But I think we may see a lot of safety pins too... so what to wear?  I was thinking about wearing a Sprouse mini dress a la Debbie Harry from back in the punk days but it was so short but my bottom would be exposed as I was leaning over the bar to get a drink so I had to scratch that idea because this is definitely not the punk look I am going for:

I am feeling inspired by this:

More glam punk rock then Ramones punk rock.  

Either way it won't really be punk - it's more funk the punk.  Funk it up a bit and have fun and please no spitting on the red carpet.

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