Sunday, June 16, 2013

RARE vintage is in The Bathroom of the Duchess of Windsor

One day, a long time ago, I had the brilliant idea of devoting the RARE vintage blog on Sundays to home design.  Well, the best laid plans... but I have decided to rally and promise you a regularly irregular segment of RARE vintage is in the house of...

Today we are in the bathroom of the Duchess of Windsor.

I am a firm believer in separate bathrooms for husbands and wives.  Hello!  Creams!  There is nary a spot for my husband to place even a single razor amongst my plethora of potions, concoctions and who-knows-what-else.  

The Duchess of Windsor's bathroom is a whimsical and dreamy place for a long soak, a leisurely  face washing, in other words an ideal space to enjoy being a woman and all of the accoutrements that come with being a woman (creams, make up, perfumes, you know the drill...)

I love the blue and white "tented" ceiling painted by Dimitri Bouchene 

 The surrealistic 'view' was also painted by Dimitri Bouchene.

The mirrored bath alcove with a painting of the Duchess of Windsor by Cecil Beaton:

A blue Porthault bath mat monogrammed (of course!) with the royal ducal cornet hangs over the tub.

Gilded arum Lily tie-backs:

Candle sconces (I love candle sconces in a dining room and had never thought of them for a bathroom) in trailing ivory with more trompe l'oeil painting by Dimitri Bouchene:

All photos by Fritz von der Schulenburg from The Interior Archive


  1. most. wonderful. bathroom. ever.

  2. Yes, separate bathrooms for husbands and wives (forever!) :-)



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