Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Just Can't Go There: Fendi Fall 2013

The Fall 2013 ad campaigns are just starting to drop in the September issues - and I, who can pretty much embrace and wear anything, saw something in the September issue of Vanity Fair that even I thought was too fugly.

Somehow the Celine Spring 2013 mink Birkenstocks worked in some sick solace of supreme comfiness - and, silly me, thought that they would surely make it to sale, only to bitterly discover that like minded fashionistas had already snapped up said mink Celine Birkenstocks (much to the relief of my husband).

And speaking of Birkenstocks - which are suddenly popping up on everyone's must have summer essentials list - even rather unexpectedly the ladies of Vogue.  Don't you love this photo of Kate Moss back in her Corrine Day waif days in white Birkenstocks - and I think white is the only way to go... maybe red...  How about you?  Could you wear those Fendi mink sunglasses?  Birkenstocks?  The last and only other time I wore Birkenstocks was when I nearing the end of my pregnancy with twins and truth be told, they were awfully comfy... and a little fugly.

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