Sunday, September 22, 2013

Yves Saint Laurent, The Lalanne(s) and the Crocodile

"I have a passion for objects depicitng birds and snakes but in real life these animals scare me."

"Some nights its a little unsettling."

Yves Saint Laurent

In 1969 Yves Saint Laurent commissioned the Lalanne(s) to create bronzed body jewelry for the fall collection.  The breast plates worn over cerulean blue silk dresses were poetic, beautiful, tribal and slightly surreal.

Saint Laurent and Pierre BergĂ© collected Francois-Xavier and Claude Lalanne pieces too for their homes.  A flock of sheep so YSL could feel as if he was on a farm in Normandy, a vineyard of vines for the Paris apartment...

Fashion imitates Art, Art imitates Life...

I was absolutely thrilled to acquire this 1986 limited edition 20th anniversary Goosens for Yves Saint Laurent crocodile gilt cuff for RARE vintage

YSL gilt crocodile cuff.  Available to purchase at RARE vintage.  
For more information please email or phone 212.581.7273

in pristine condition and so Lalanne Fauteil-Crocodile, 1987...

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