Sunday, October 27, 2013

RARE vintage is in the Dominican Republic with Diana Vreeland and Oscar de la Renta

I have pulled this story from Oscar PR girls blog because I felt it was just too fabulous not to share and very apropos as there is yet another book out on Mrs Vreeland.

There are no photos but I am sure you will be able to picture it to a DV!

From Oscar PR Girl:

told by Oscar de la Renta

"This is a very funny story.  Diana use to come and stay with us in the Dominican Republic at Casa del Campo all of the time.  There was literally nothing to do in La Romana in those days, except of course go to the beach in the morning and play cards or something at the house.  

Every single afternoon, Diana would go to the pharmacy.  And there is a wonderful story about this particular pharmacy.  In the Dominican Republic, if they know you at the pharmacy, you can literally buy anything you want without a prescription.  At this pharmacy, you could buy all of the American products plus all of the European products that you could not buy in United States.  At the time there was a Romanian lady who was doing some kind of cream Diana liked.  Anyway, every day she would go.  

So one day the owner of the pharmacy comes to me and says that every day there are more and more people in the store.  And further, he said he did not think they were coming to buy anything, that they were there because they had heard about this unbelievable, extraordinary apparition of a lady who visits the store.  And you know, at that time, especially in the Dominican Republic, Mrs. Vreeland was always dressed in turbans and caftans, with extraordinary makeup.  

So one day Diana comes to me and says that she has to leave the next morning.  I asked her why she could not stay a few more days.  We thought that she didn't know what was happening at the pharmacy, but she said, 'you know, these people every single day expect more and more and more and more!  And now, I have run out of outfits.  Unless you have a camel or an elephant for me to arrive at the pharmacy, I have to leave.'  And do you know what that pharmacy is called today?  It is called the Farmacia Diana."

Diana Vreeland by Richard Avedon

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