Saturday, November 16, 2013

Kate Moss in RARE vintage in the December British Vogue!

"Tomorrow she packs, her hopes as fragile as an early morning dew drop in that ethereal light you only see in St. Petersburg on a white night.  I want to weep when I see Miss Moss in character..."
John Galliano, British Vogue, December 2013

Fashion is a place, a journey, a mystery, a longing... Fashion is for dreamers, for lovers... Fashion is a buttonhole, a pink ostrich plume, a cut on the bias, a piece of origami cut in cloth, it is Glory, it is Demise... Fashion is feeding your chickens in a satin Balmain gown, a faded, crumbling farmhouse in East Hampton, a palace in St. Petersburg, a painting by Ingres ...  Fashion is grand.  Fashion is folly...

I wanted to cry with joy when I saw Kate Moss wearing an early John Galliano silk teddy, brilliantly pieced together, and an oversized origami kimono from John Galliano for Dior from RARE vintage in the December issue of British Vogue this morning.  RARE vintage!  My collection!!  In Vogue!!!  On Kate Moss!!!!  With John Galliano!!!!!

I was married in John Galliano for Givenchy.  I did not know that I ever really wanted to get married but being a girl and unable to escape girlish thoughts of wedding dresses, the one thing I did know, if I were to be married, I would wear John Galliano and Manolo Blahnik shoes.  It is funny how life works out: we did decide to get married, I did wear John Galliano and my shoes were Manolo Blahnik.

One of the reasons I was drawn to fashion, was the romance of it all, the feeling that you could be anyone, go anywhere.  Tolstoy's Anna Karenina in a black gown trimmed in Venetian guipure lace?  Why not?  Or a 70s rock chick in cut off jean shorts and a mongolian lamb vest?  Why not?

So not only do I love the photos of Miss Moss wearing pieces from RARE vintage (hello!  let me just say that again: Miss Moss wearing pieces from RARE vintage : )) with Mr. Galliano but I adore what Galliano wrote.  Below is an excerpt and you can read the complete article in the December British Vogue.

"I tell her a little story about Olga Khokhlova, Picasso's first wife and a magnetic and powerful force.  Visions of her playing Russian roulette with a dining knife, blithely stabbing away with staccato speed in between her fingers while gazing away.  She tilts her head backwards to a degree she feels and knows so well, every muscle held within that beautiful frame is working, projecting, living, feeling and breathing Olga.  She is Olga.  My Olga."
John Galliano

Photos by Tim Walker.  British Vogue.  December 2013

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