Monday, December 16, 2013

Joan Fontaine 1917-2013

Do you remember Joan Fontaine's wide eyed innocence in Hitchcock's Rebecca and Suspicion? She played the less glamorous girl, desired by two very desirable men.  In Rebecca, Joan Fontaine was the young, unsophisticated companion, the soon to be new Mrs. de Winter, to a wealthy American woman, they type who stamps her cigarettes out in her cold cream.  Fontaine's character falls madly in love with the distant and mysterious Maxim de Winter.  She goes home to Manderley to find the severe and jealous Mrs. Danvers.  Mrs. Danvers almost drives her over the edge by showing her the ex Mrs. de Winter's lingerie "Did you ever anything so delicate?  Look, you can see through it."

Joan Fontaine 1917-2013

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