Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Avoir du Chien with Chanel

'Avoir du chien' is an expression, it means chic!  Chanel had 'du chien'.
Carlyne Cerf de Dedzeele

So let's do du chien with Chanel:

Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel pink bodysuit/swimsuit with camellias, pearls and Chanel graffiti available for purchase at RARE vintage.

Chic is such a great word because it captures a certain spirit.  Bettina Ballard, an editor for Vogue back in the day, wrote in her wonderful biography, In My Fashion, about the 'hard chic' of the 1930s.  The hard chic she was referring to were Elsa Schiaparelli's 1930s tidy little dinner jackets with their long slim gowns and their undeniable elegance and shot of shock with a collection of bugs for buttons.

Chic is something unexpected.  Like our ahhh-mazing Krizia caftan I posted yesterday with its embroidered panther cooly draped over the shoulder like a kitten ready to pounce.  Or this also ahh-mazing bubblegum pink Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel bodysuit/swimsuit that we just received at RARE vintage.  Karl reinvigorated Chanel with some chic rule breaking.  He took elements of Chanel and made it chic and cool by making it playful.  You've got your camellia, your 2.55 quilted bag, your pearls, your CC logo, your Coco... you've got it all on a bodysuit/swimsuit.  Tres chic!

love, kisses and avoir du chien, Juliana

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