Sunday, June 8, 2014

Closet Case Studies with Sarah Harris and Bay Garnett

Is your closet a phenomenally organized space or a chaotic mess or somewhere in between?  My closet seems to be, unfortunately,  in a perpetual state of chaos.  It is not nearly big enough, so I have bits here and there and things I have not worn in years are too accessible and things I could be wearing more often are not accessible enough - or worse yet, findable.  It is a work in progress...

I really enjoyed this video on British Vogue of Sarah Harris, with the sleek flowing grey locks, and Bay Garnett with the wild bobby pin hair.  I do love Sarah Harris' slightly odd free standing padded  cell closet - but felt like we just did not get to see enough - and Bay Garnett's magpie pile up of vintage, this and that, and a divorce inducing Marc Jacobs jacket was pretty fab and very real...  oh, and hello!  we get to see the inspiration for the famous Chloe banana shirt!

See for yourself and enjoy!

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