Friday, July 11, 2014

Armani Privé Couture Fall 2014: Nouvelle Vague

I am going to start Armani Privé with the hair which I loved and will be attempting asap...

and then, kind of to my surprise, I loved the clothes too and the odd little gloves that look like they are made of latex.  There was a vaguely Nouvelle Vague feel to the whole collection: sort of youth oriented with an experimentation of form (which was vaguely Japanese).  Some very amazing pieces that you would have forever in your closet...

The gloves:

Couture meet Origami:

Couture goes off the grid:

DrFabricstein experiments (wonder if it is soft?):

Off theme but my heart belongs to any Daddy who brings me feathers:

Couture goes vaguely crazy and throws some crystals on the craziness and I love it!

Couture does my children's science class galaxy project:

Couture gets caught in a net and it looks beautiful:

Couture wraps women in wine bottle net protect and it looks beautiful too:

Couture makes a dress for a Tim Burton bride:

Armani Privé couture fall 2014.  Photos from and

love, kisses and nothing vague about it because it is seriously beautiful, Juliana

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