Saturday, July 19, 2014

Paris Couture July 2014 Street Style

I was trying to find my favorite image from the Paris haute couture street style looks and it took awhile.  I wanted to find someone who did not look like they were wearing a 'street style' costume and I finally found her!

It is almost a seaside look but the tailored jacket and the Chanel bag take it from the seaside to the city.  And the Isabel Marant Holden sandal... when I saw them in the stores, I already owned the Givenchy floral birkenstocks and also a pair of white birkenstocks from Net-a-Porter.  And the question at the time was: how many birkenstocks or similarly comfortable/borderline fugly shoes can a wife have in her closet before husband can't take it any more?  I knew three times would not make them anymore charming to my husband.  So I passed.  But now seeing how great they look, I kind of regret it...

love, kisses and maybe I can still find them on sale : ) Juliana

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