Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday Night Fashion Flick #1: Three Days of the Condor

I have always loved fashion, playing dress up, reading about fashion, buying fashion... My early interest in fashion came from two sources: Vogue and films.  In fact, one of my favorite shows at the Costume Institute was Hollywood Costume: Glamour!  Glitter!  Romance!  (You can tell from all of the explanation points Diana Vreeland was in the house when this show was produced in 1977.)

So every Friday (more or less : ) I am going to suggest a fashion flick for your weekend enjoyment.  I just watched Three Days of the Condor and the fashion look is so 70s super cool. Almost nothing special -in fact, Robert Redford basically has one outfit the entire film.  But sometimes one perfect outfit is all you need.  Robert Redford's jeans are tight, a perfect shade of faded blue, he wears them with a faded blue western style shirt, a sweater over, a sort of chunky tie and a fitted tweed jacket with 70s typical wide lapels.  Later into the film he adds a peacoat, some mirrored aviator sunglasses.  It is the kind of outfit men probably dream about... 

and then there is Faye Dunaway.  We were first see her in a black beanie, a Missoni style coat, burgundy shoulder bag getting into a beat up jeep.  Super cool too.  Later she wears my favorite look;  her outfit is all shades of oatmeal: a coat with wide lapels, another beanie - nude colored this time, a full below the knee skirt and tall leather boots.  Like Redford she wears her coat collar up.  Other characters in the film don't fare so well fashion wise but Redford and Dunaway are definitely still inspiring our weekend wardrobe...


Three Days of the Condor
Starring Robert Redford and Faye Dunaway.
Costumes by Joseph G. Aulisi

xo, Juliana


  1. One of my faves! I was a teenager in the 70's and it really was the golden age for film and everything else!

  2. Oh and let's not even start talking about Miss Dunaway in Network or Eyes of Laura Mars! That's fashion!



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