Friday, March 27, 2015

Celine by Robert Polidori

The Wall Street Journal had the photographer, Robert Polidori, photograph Celine's new headquarters in the elegantly reserved Hotel Colbert de Torcy.  Robert Polidori has taken the most hauntingly beautiful photographs of the palace of Versailles, as it was being renovated, and those photographs are full of ghosts in panniered court costumes and opulently tattered memories.

La Meridienne, the bed of Marie-Antoinette by Robert Polidori

The apartment of Madame Adelaide by Robert Poidori

Salle de bain of Marie-Antoinette, photograph by Robert Polidori

Those are a few of my favorites but back to Polidori and Celine.  The photographs of Celine's new headquarters were taken by Robert Polidori and they are beautiful!

The house of Celine had no proper home - there were offices scattered across Paris and the Hotel Colbert de Torcy is certainly a proper home.

My kind of home ; )

There is a grand stone staircase, a remnant from the original architect, Pierre le Muet... and the Phoebe Philo for Celine signature touch of the ficus tree in a custom planter by the Danish artist FOS:

Such a gorgeous and happy space:

The flooring, twelve types of marble sourced from Italy, France and Brazil, is similar to those in the Celine stores:

The workroom, an 'orangerie', is hidden behind a lush and whimsical wall of seagrass:

 "I believe in things be made beautifully made but at the same time practical."
Phoebe Philo

xo, Juliana

*all photographs by Robert Polidori from the WSJ

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