Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Chanel and the Sciura

A sciura is a certain breed of Italian housewife - she is well kept, well groomed, conservative... and the Chanel fall 2015 collection is very sciura.  Sciura at the CafĂ© Gabrielle for an espresso.  The collection was almost revolutionary in its conservativeness.  There were sensible shoes, sensible sweater sets and sensible skirt lengths but it was all kind of chic.  The kind of clothes that you would wear forever...

and I agree with Suzy Menkes, this will be the chic shoe of the season:

xo, Juliana


  1. I really loved the way these clothes look-but I didn't feel the "girls" wore them well-they looked like they were playing dressup. to be revolutionary KL should have put real women in these clothes, I can envision the walk now!

  2. You are so right! I had really only looked at the clothes and barely glanced at the girls in them. It truly would have been revolutionary, not to mention, a beautiful and bustling cafe if there had been women from 20 to 90 gossiping and sipping coffee in Chanel! A missed opportunity!



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