Tuesday, March 3, 2015

F.R.S. (For Restless Sleepers) by Francesca Ruffini

F.R.S. is an acronym of, For Restless Sleepers, and is a new line of pajamas by Francesca Ruffini.   They not only look super comfy but they are also super chic.  Because my little dumplings, girl can not live in Lululemon alone.  

All of the fabrics: crepe de chine, cloqué lame, duchesse satin... are from Como and are exclusive to F.R.S..  

But you know what is truly brilliant is the cut of F.R.S. - the pajama bottoms have a little flare, have a soft fit and are cut above the ankle - nothing makes a pajama sexier then when they are cut above the ankle (and nothing makes a pajama look dumpier then when they go past the ankle and down to the floor).

I also love the colors, the piping and the materials... a few of my favorites:

I really love all of these pjs but these below are my favorite and nice enough to wear out...

F.R.S. by Francesca Ruffini.  Photos from Style.com

nightie night, Juliana

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