Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Luxe Look Straight From The Runway

The runway of circa 1963 that is.

RARE vintage likes to edit and curate our collection to the very best pieces from our favorite designers. It is important to us that the pieces that you love are not only wearable but collectible.

This is a saturated midnight blue silk cocktail dress by the great Italian couturier Pino Lancetti. The deep blue is so luminescent and dreamy that it resembles the sea under the light of a full moon. The dress is elegantly restrained and romantic at the same time. There is an historical merger of a sleek 1960s cocktail dress from the front and a romantic bustled skirt in the back that is poetic and powerful. The pleated top fans enticingly away from the inner bodice and the back. The back is a definite erogenous zone and the way the the top falls away is very sexy. Don't be surprised if some handsome mysterious stranger suddenly kisses your shoulders!

Of course, the dress is also a blend of art and craft. The details and work and the organza lining are fashion design and haute couture skill at its best.

Circa 1963 Lancetti midnight blue silk cocktail dress. Size 4.

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