Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Chanel for the Common Cold

We are glad that the trend for light summer weight fabrics in the winter has passed and that when it is 20 degrees, like it is here today in New York, we see women wearing tights instead of going around with bare legs. Brrrr!!

We thought that these two Chanel haute couture coats from the 1970s would be the perfect choice for right now. The mink lined coat is perhaps a better choice for today's temperature. The deep green is ideal for a slightly warmer day and is also a good piece for early spring and fall. (As you know, RARE vintage love clothes that can multi-task!)

Our first coat from Winter 1979 in a deep forest green reflects the history of Chanel's use of elements from military uniforms in her designs. It is also classic Chanel - cut for comfort and practicality - clothes were never too tight or too loose. They were always just right. This coat will definitely be a go to piece in your closet since it will look good with dark jeans, dresses, boots and heels.

Winter 1979 Chanel haute couture runway coat with gilt buttons.
Unlabeled but with original mannequin tape. Size 8.

Chanel incorporated the idea of poverty de luxe into her designs and our second coat in a soft blue silk is lined with mink. Chanel revisited the theme of an apparently simple coat with a luxurious fur lining since the late 1920s. The Metropolitan Museum of Art exhibited a similar fur lined coat in its 2005 Chanel show. This is a runway piece from the Winter 1978 collection. Please note that although there is some slight fading in the silk, it does not affect the wearabililty of the coat but does affect the price - it a little less expensive then it normally would be!

Winter 1978 Chanel haute couture runway coat with mink lining with gilt buttons.
Unlabeled but with original mannequin tape. Size 6/8.

For more information about this item please email or call (212) 581 7273

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