Friday, February 20, 2009

The Iconoclast

Not many designers have attempted to incorporate polychrome handlebars and side view mirrors into their fashion designs. But when Thierry Mugler took the bustier full throttle into 1992, George Michael noticed. The motorcycle bustier may have been Too Funky for most women to have attempted but Thierry Mugler's suits were very wearable. They were also powerful, glamorous, sexy and extremely well cut.

The center of this early 1990s suit has a cartoon-y effect in the starburst velvet detail. You almost expect to see POW! instead of a sweet velvet bow. There is a slight dip up on the skirt where the velvet bow sits off center. Women may not wear suits now as regularly as they were worn in the early 1990s but sometimes you just need and want to look polished, confident and, oh yes, very sexy. Not to mention a little naughty!

Early 1990s Thierry Mugler suit with velvet detail and bows. Size 4.

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