Tuesday, February 17, 2009

To Catch a Thief

Or to catch a Clooney. As in George. We imagine George Clooney as the perfect lead in a Hitchcock film. Handsome, charming, great with comedy and not too concerned with being made to look ridiculous. No promises though. We supply the devastating dress, the rest is up to you!

Hitchcock's heroines were cool blondes: extremely elegant and very sexy. They knew what they wanted and they knew how to get it. Lisa Fremont in a tulle cocktail dress straight from the Paris runways, the mysterious Marnie severe and reckless or the haunted Madeleine undressed by Scottie after falling into the San Francisco Bay. There was a definite element of sophisticated sexiness to Edith Heads costumes for Hitchcock's films.

When we saw this 1960s Norman Norell ensemble we thought immediately of a modern day woman comfortable enough to know that what can be the most sexy thing is what is not the most obvious but what lies underneath. This champagne colored ensemble glides over the body, emphasizing waist, hips and long legs. The large black buttons on the back of the top call for a man to fantasize about unbuttoning them, the curve of the back and nakedness. Sometimes the point of getting dressed up is to eventually be undressed.

1960s Norman Norell ensemble. Unlabeled. Size 4.

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