Saturday, March 14, 2009

Go into a Go-go

We are in the midst of a fashion muddle. No one seems to know what anyone wants: is it seasonal trendiness? Disposable chic? Is it timeless style? Is it reality or is it theatrics?

We have always wanted both reality and fantasy in fashion. Maybe what we do not want anymore is clothing that is mass produced, widely available and extremely expensive. There will never be a demise of fashion just as there will hopefully never be a demise of the haute couture despite much chattering to the contrary. But maybe what has been lost is the concept of wardrobe building and the customer. Most women probably favor a certain designer or designers. Instead of having collections that swing wildly from season to season, trend to trend, designers should keep their client in mind. There is a loss of intimacy in fashion and maybe that means that designers have forgotten that what women want is something new to add to the wardrobe that is already in their closet. Most women will not throw out last seasons clothes and buy an entirely new set for the next four months and then start all over again. Especially when the cost of doing so, well, you can imagine.

The appeal of vintage is the timelessness of the pieces. The value is that our clients buy items of exceptional and increasingly rare quality, particularly in the ready-to-wear. It is building a collection of pieces like this ivory lace Pierre Balmain we had that are exciting to own, thrilling to wear and are collectors items. Wardrobe building is an important part of the RARE vintage philosophy. Investment pieces that are wearable and collectible.

Every collector of vintage should own a Courreges dress from the 1960s. Mr. Courreges was a visionary and his designs changed the look of fashion in the 1960s. His couture pieces with their brilliant tailoring are as forward looking now as they were forty years ago. And as desirable. Here is a great dress/jumper from 1965 with leather trim.

1965 Courreges dress/jumper. Size 4.

For more information about this item please email or call (212) 581 7273

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