Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Stevie Nicks owned the handkerchief hemmed, cascading chiffon look in the 1970s. Every season since at least one designer tries to recapture a bit of that hippie taken by the wind rock and roll feel. Maybe it is nostalgia for women of rock who did not want to try and look like movie stars. They were just cool, sexy and powerful.

Stevie Nicks may have owned the look but Zandra Rhodes created the look. Her distinctly patterned dresses, hand crafted, raw edged, were hippie and then punk but always with a couture finish. She was brilliant with chiffon for day and for night. Her pieces were also special and limited edition which is what we are always looking for at RARE vintage.

This early 1980s chiffon dress has narrow sleeves that end in a flowy handkerchief hem. The sleeves and skirt are edged in small gold beads. The chiffon is printed in a gold swirling pattern. Zandra Rhodes calls her vintage pieces her "butterflies" and we can see why. They are beautiful, ethereal, floaty and we suspect that this will fly out the door so you better and try and catch this butterfly while you can.

Early 1980s Zandra Rhodes gold printed chiffon dress. Size 6/8.

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