Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Built Coco Tough

The quilted Chanel bag is an Icon, a Classic, a Beacon in a world of mixed bags and with it you can never go wrong. You can never be overdressed, underdressed, gauche or look like a fashion victim. You will never be carrying an IT bag because you have THE bag. You will love and cherish it maybe even longer then your husband!

Coco Chanel designed the first quilted bag in 1955. The quilted stitching was done by hand. The interiors were lined either in leather or red grosgrain. Both of the bags that we are posting are from the 1960s and have the bright red grosgrain interior which is one of our favorite features. The large double CC's are hand stitched on the interior of the bag on the red lining. If you own Chanel bags from the 1980s and 1990s, your collection is not complete without at least one original Chanel bag and if you do not own any Chanel bags, well, we will not even go there, but this could not be a better place to start. Hurry...

1960s navy Chanel quilted bag with gilt chain.

1960s wool jersey oatmeal colored Chanel bag with gilt chain.

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