Thursday, August 13, 2009

Palest Pink Ossie Clark Dress

Sometimes when we see an Ossie Clark dress we immediately imagine a field of wildfowers and a girl laughing in a hazy sunlight. The girl is free-spirited, romantic, independent, artistic. She listens to Beth Ditto, Glen Gould's Goldberg Variations and The Rolling Stones. She reads Marguerite Duras, Tolstoy and Hemingway. She wears Ossie Clark because his clothes are designed as if for her. They go on as easily as they come off and they are as delicate and romantic as she is. A palest pink wrap dress in moss crepe with a plunging neckline edged in pale pink satin and trumpet sleeves hangs in her cupboard and is her favorite vintage dress.

1970s Ossie Clark for radley pale pink wrap dress. Size 2/4.

For more information about this item please email or call (212) 581 7273

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