Friday, August 14, 2009

The Parisian Lady Dress

With this year's auction at Christies of Yves Saint Laurent's Paris apartment, we were able to see that he lived surrounded by a great and diverse art collection. It was a personal collection, not chosen by an advisor but by two men with independent ideas. 

When Saint Laurent incorporated art into his fashion, it was with a similar independence and the effect of making it his own. Whether it was a Braque inspired bird alighting from a silk satin evening gown or as is the case with our dress, Matisse's colorful collages. 

We have always loved the absolute Parisian-lady feeling of Yves Saint Laurent's designs. This dress epitomizes Saint Laurent and French fashion with its slightly poufed shoulder and sophisticated elegance. Plus it is a great summer into fall dress. It would look amazing with an Alaia belt at the waist and a pair of high shoes - just please no chunky too high shoes. We are very relieved that that look is starting look old unlike our dress which still looks great! Fashion fades, Style remains!

Early 1980s Yves Saint Laurent 'Matisse' Dress.  Size 6/8.

For more information about this item please email or call (212) 581 7273

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