Thursday, August 20, 2009

Show and Share

We use to have Show and Tell at school.  My children 'share'.  On Facebook, you can 'poke' someone or send a 'beer'.  Not sure which one is better - a virtual poke or a virtual beer?  

I would like to share with our RARE vintage blog readers a great gift that a client gave to me. It was a very special gift - her absolute last tube of a Biba lipstick.  Now, she did not give it to me to wear - just in case you are starting to feel squeamish - but as a little relic.  The packaging is wonderful with the iconic gold Biba trademark but the best thing - besides the color of the lipstick - which is so perfect for the Fall- is the name, Turkey!  If anyone knows why Barbara Hulanicki called it Turkey or what other colors were called, we would love to know.

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