Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The RARE Vintage Megapost: Craving Coco

What is it about Chanel accessories that we love? Is it the chic gold hardware? Is it the bold CC? Is it the gilt chain woven with leather that makes the bags a little edgier then some other just oh so ladylike bags?  Is it that the iconic quilted bag is as stylish and desirable now as it was when Coco Chanel first launched it in 1955? Is it that a bag, a belt, or a great cuff is something you can wear over and over again? Is it that the movie Coco Avant Chanel is coming out soon and will definitely make us want all things Chanel?? As if we already didn't! Is it... okay, we could go on and on so let's just get to the best part: RARE vintage's Chanel mega post!

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Late 1980s leather and chain charm bracelet. You've got all of your favorite iconic Chanel symbols on this one: you've got your quilted 2.55 handbag on a moveable chain (our favorite!), you've got your camellia, you've got your No. 5, your clover, you've got the idea...

Deep dark and deliciously brown 1980s Chanel bag with leather and chain shoulder strap.  Big ol' gold toggle just adds to that 80s glam feel.   Perfect bag for running around town and looking quite stylish while you multi task.

So, you have your keys, a small make up bag, your blackberry, mail, oh, your husband has just given you his keys and, ahh, his camera.  The children are handing you their Nintendo DS. Fortunately, you are no ordinary woman because you have your super size brown quilted leather Chanel bag which is big enough to handle everyone's stuff!  We highly recommend one of our other smaller Chanel bags below when you have decided that you have had enough and are going carry only your own things!

Oversize 1980s Maltese Cross Pendant with pour green glass set in gilt stamped CC. We really don't have to say anything because this piece says it ALL!

Small soft white leather classic quilted bag with gold hardware. Can be carried as a clutch or with the shoulder strap. Perfect for those days when you don't want to carry everything you own with you.

Unworn brushed matte gold wide chain Chanel belt with a sheath of wheat motif medallion.

Oh so adorable and oh so soft black leather quilted small 'box' 2.55 with gold hardware. Appears to have never been used.

The ultimate Chanel sunglasses.  Big, black and beautiful. Definitely not the choice when you want to hide.  Does Lady Gaga want to hide?  No!  Does Amber Rose look like she wants to hide?  No!  So go ahead and release your inner, you, just like Lady Gaga and Amber Rose.

Gold mirrored aviator-style sunglasses with large CC on the side.  Just what Amelia Earhart would have chosen, had she been flying in the 1980s.

Dramatic oversize brooch with poured glass in gilt. Pearl has a CC finial.

Early 1990s whimsical Chanel supersoft pink and black cashmere sweater with classic two tone Chanel shoe. Love Karl's sense of humor!  Size 6/8.

Early 1990s Chanel supersoft pale blue and black cashmere sweater with Chanel bow and CC. Size 6/8.

1984 Chanel leather and chain belt with with gold medallion.  Just the perfect thing to put on when you are wearing a flirty frock, a long t shirt, a narrow little jacket and a skirt, a pair of jeans. Okay!  Just face it, you are going to love this belt, you will want to wear it all of the time and with everything.   Just think how excited your boyfriend will be when you come to bed in black leather and a chain! 

1980s gilt metal and pearl belt with medallion is very Madame.  We will all be clamoring for Chanel belts and thankfully, RARE vintage likes to heed the call!

Our RARE vintage Chanel mega post has been all 1980s and early 1990s super glam but we would like to end on a rare 1970s navy and red jersey 2.55 bag with unusual wave stitched quilting.  Please note that the bag itself is in excellent condition however, the chain strap is not woven with leather and there is some slight sign of wear to the red cording woven through the chain.  It is very wearable but if you prefer a bag in perfect condition then this is not the bag for you.

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