Friday, October 30, 2009

Alexandra: The Coolest Bride on the Earth!

Now, that is a big statement to make but all brides want to make a statement on their wedding day.  Some do it in a puffy meringue, some are sleek and simple like Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, some wear pants like Bianca Jagger and and then there is the one girl who wore 1967 Givenchy haute couture that had previously belonged to Nan Kempner.  Who is this incredible creature who chose not to wear the puffy meringue and went with something "vintage" instead of merely old? Who chose a dress that was as stunning from the front as from the back.  Who wore OMG! Givenchy haute couture from the 1960s??!!   We don't know about you but that definitetely beats Vera Wang any day in our book.  

Alexandra is RARE vintage's first 'La Muse: Women of Incredible Style' that we will be putting on the blog once a month.   We were as excited as she was when she came in and tried on the Givenchy.  I have mentioned before that I am a firm believer that vintage waits for just the right person and we think that Nan Kempner would have been as thrilled as we were to see her dress looking so spectacular, so right, so beautiful, so amazing on Alexandra.  

Congratulations to Alexandra and thank you for sharing your photos with us!!!!

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