Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tina Chow: La Muse: Women of Incredible Style Part 2

Tina Chow is our second La Muse: Women of Incredible Style.  If you have not seen our first Muse, Alexandra, you should definitely take a look.   We are inspired by women who create their own style, wear what they want and make any look their own.  The other thing with truly stylish women is how timeless they look.  These photographs of Tina Chow are from the mid 1980s to early 1990s and everything that she is wearing looks as good now as it did over twenty years ago.  I love how effortless she looks in the photograph below.

Tina Chow collected vintage fashion and designed incredible crystal and bamboo jewelry.  She worked alongside her husband, Michael Chow, at his restaurant, Mr. Chow.  There is a very beautiful memory that her daughter, China, shared in the October 2009 issue of Bazaar of her mother kissing her good night before going to the restaurant and the sound of white gold Cartier bangles clinking together.

Tina Chow and her Cartier bangles.

Tina Chow had an amazing collection of vintage.  She looked incredible in piles of Chanel jewelry (probably as good as Coco Chanel herself!) or in 1930s Schiaparelli with her hair slicked back and her Cartier bangles.  She wore Romeo Gigli and Christian Dior.  She wore Yves Saint Laurent from the 1950s and from the 1980s.

Tina Chow in piles of trompe l'oeil Chanel jewelry.

Tina Chow in 1938 Schiaparelli and her white gold Cartier bangles.

Tina Chow in 1948 Christian Dior and those bangles again!  I love that she (gasp!) wore things more then once!

Tina Chow's 1989 Romeo Gigli from the 1992 exhibit at FIT

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  1. Tina Chow was a style goddess. What a shame that she had to die so young.

  2. I know it is so sad. I can only wonder what she would be wearing, what she would be doing.



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