Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ooo and aah!: A Chanel Haute Couture Suit

Take away the gimmicks and the embellishments and you are left with the Ooo and the aah of simplicity.  The only logo is on a black label on the interior that states simply, CHANEL.   

Classic and timeless have been ascribed to many pieces of clothing that are not either timeless or classic.  Not that there is anything wrong with something wildly trendy and of the season.  I loved the Yves Saint Laurent cage booties - how will they look next year?  Like last year's boots.  But how will they look five, ten years from now?   Amazing!  How much will your daughter love them 15 years from now?  You will be the world's coolest mom with the best closet (which is a good and bad thing!)

A well chosen Chanel haute couture suit is truly timeless and classic.  Everyone should own a Chanel suit.  It should really be a rite of passage for all girls to be fitted for a Chanel couture suit. But since that is a really nice dream, whoa!  Does it have to be a dream?  Vintage is all about inspiration and dreaming.  I dream of being a 1930s film star in slinky bias cut silk: vintage.  I dream of Diane Keaton in Annie Hall: vintage.  I dream of Tolstoy's rustling silks: vintage.   I dream of looking like no one else: vintage.  

What is it that is so perfect about a Chanel suit?  For one thing, it is the fit.  The jacket fits like a cardigan.  The armholes are high and the sleeves are narrow.  It is youthful and sexy and in black can be worn a mind bending number of ways.  I am never a big proponent of a head to toe look but piles of Chanel jewlery or a Chanel belt would look incredible.  You can wear a silk blouse, a lace tank, a white t shirt.  Shoes can black, studded or colorful.

Doesn't everyone want to have a Romy Schneider in Chanel moment?!

1970s Chanel haute couture suit.  Size 4.

For more information about this item please email or call (212) 581 7273

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