Tuesday, January 12, 2010

OMG it's OMO!

The OMO (on my own) Norma Kamali store opened at 6 West 56th Street in 1978. RARE vintage overlooks 56th Street and while we cannot quite see 6 West 56 Street where the store was, we do have a view on our own little bit of Paris, the 1902 Seligman Mansion which is now the headquarters of Aeffe.

Madonna. Have you seen the great ads for Dolce and Gabbana?

She looks amazing. I feel that these ads are a better fit for Madonna then the bunny eared look of the Louis Vuitton ad campaign. Although I did love the saturated Man Ray inspired photographs.
Madonna still inspires us. She still looks amazing. Her hot Brazilian boyfriend is 22! This early OMO Norma Kamali lace cat suit is very Madonna. You may not want to wear this as the original owner did: just out and about with nary a thing underneath it or over it. But it would be a perfect piece to layer over. An oversize jacket, a slouchy big t shirt, discover your own inner Madonna!

Early OMO Norma Kamali lace cat suit. Size 2/4.

For more information about this item please email info@rarevintageinc.com or call (212) 581 7273

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