Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Are You a Society Swan? Think Babe Paley, Slim Keith...

I am going to start this post with a previously posted disclaimer:

Just a word of warning: Chanel is extremely addictive and should be treated as a narcotic. Consuming more then the prescribed amount, will certainly lead to addiction.  Side effects may include increased irritability due to a lack of vintage Chanel in your closet, an acute attack of Chanelitis which can only be explained and treated by your doctor, Karl Lagerfeld.  Do not take Chanel if you have an aversion to feeling fashionable, stylish, classic or timeless.  If  symptoms persist for more then 30 days, well, hello!  go buy yourself some Chanel at RARE vintage!

So consider yourself forewarned!  Last night I put on the first piece from an incredible single owner collection.  Here it is the Chanel Swan Brooch.  A moment of silence please!  

This is a spectacular very large piece.  The swan is actually three dimensional.  

I see it worn on a tiny tuxedo jacket - tiny jacket, big brooch - or on a simple black dress or how beautiful would it look on a gown at the hip?!

This is not the subtle piece for a dainty girl.  This is for girl who says it loud and says it proud: I love Chanel! I love Gripoix! I love Karl!  I love faux pearls!  I love all the Chanelisms rolled into one big, beautiful brooch!

1980s Chanel Swan Brooch in metal, faux pearl, rhinestone, poured glass.
Total length: 8" Swan is 4" wide.

Price available upon request

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