Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Icon Week at RARE vintage: Tuesday: Patrick Kelly

Icon week at RARE vintage begins with iconic pieces from the American designer in Paris, Patrick Kelly.  He died way too young and we can only imagine what he might have gone on to create.  I have thought of him often this season when there is such a resurgence in denim.   Ralph Lauren's luxe take on overalls is a reminder of Patrick Kelly storming the runway in the Louvre in his denim overalls.

Patrick was born in Mississippi and was influenced by the fashion magazines his grandmother brought from the homes where she worked as a domestic.   I think it is important to point out the truly inspirational effect of magazines.  Andre Leon Talley also wrote about saving up and buying fashion magazines when he was young, living with his grandmother.  It is not the practical, the mundane that we want when we buy a magazine, but the dream, the fantasy.  We want to be someplace else, we want to be someone else.  Here is one of my all time favorite editorials, Richard Avedon's "In Memory of the Late Mr. and Mrs. Comfort," a Fable.  

Of course, we take the fantastic and interpret it into the wearable but it is the inspiration that inspires us.

But back to our Fashion Icon of the week, Patrick Kelly.  Here are five brilliant accessories from the Master of Whimsy and Chic.  This is the best of his best and that is what I will be bringing to you all of this week - the most iconic pieces from five different designer's careers. 

The Black Baby Brooch use to be given out on promotional tours.

This plastic strap band that opens to reveal images of the Little Rascals is pure Patrick Kelly.

And here are three amazing gauntlet gloves covered in multi colored buttons, brass buttons and nails (my favorite).  We have had the dresses dense with buttons but have not seen the gloves before ever.

Multi Colored Button Patrick Kelly Gauntlet Gloves

Patrick Kelly 'Nail' Gloves

Patrick Kelly Gauntlet Gloves with Brass Buttons

We did say RARE vintage didn't we?


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