Friday, February 12, 2010

Icon Week: Friday Christian Lacroix

I am still feeling incredible sadness about the loss of Alexander McQueen.  I have been remembering some great pieces that are in my personal collection.  There is even Alexander McQueen from the early 1990s when he was with Onward Kashiyama.  There may have been less money to produce the exceptionally crafted  couture pieces but the unique talent and vision was already very evident.  It is a tragedy.

It is also sad, in a completely different way of course, about Christian Lacroix not showing at the recent couture shows in Paris.   But on a much happier note - even an ecstatic note!  I am very excited to be able to offer a true fashion icon piece from one of our great iconic fashion designers, Christian Lacroix.  I wrote a little while back on the blog about the very famous Vogue cover that began the Anna Wintour period of Vogue and also the remarkable cover image of the smiling Michaela Bercu wearing an extraordinary couture jeweled t-shirt (worth $10,000 at the time) with easy hair and a pair of low slung jeans.

It took all of the preciousness out of couture and made it modern and accessible.  Couture, really you have to treat it like dirt for it to lose its aura of unrealness and make it real.  Well, not really like dirt but I am sure you know what I mean.  If I was buying my own couture I would probably not even let anyone look at it!  Step away from the couture - don't even look at it! I stared and stared at that cover for hours.  Literally.    

Here is The Icon:

Price available upon request

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